We help logistics companies to be as efficient as possible without slowing you down or compromising on safety. We design, manufacture, install and service weighing scales, dynamic scales, dimensioning scanners and whole systems that ensure billing is accurate and vehicles and aircraft are filled to optimum safe capacity.

Our truck scales, weighbridge and dimensioning solutions and weighbridge accessories are sold worldwide and are renowned for their high accuracy, reliability and ease of use. Our market-leading designs help prevent revenue leakage and overloading. You can weigh and track freight – and bill accurately – without slowing down your operation.

Our systems are rugged and reliable, with full colour touch screens and wireless connections. Truck scale and weighbridge solutions from Weightrax can accurately monitor, and report in real time, on the movement of large or bulk freight.

Our weighing solutions for the transport and logistics industry include truck scales, dynamic scales, load cells, weight indicators, axle weighing, volume scanners, weighbridge software in the cloud, and lifetime service and support.

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With Weightrax nothing is left to chance