OSP Stock Feeds uses Weightrax to view weighbridge data from its sites around New Zealand as transactions occur, allowing closer control and management of a highly distributed business.

Ranjith Nair, Logistics Manager, OSP Stock Feeds | Weightrax client


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“Weightrax understands our business at an operational level. They know how to make life simple for the operator and what data we need from our weighbridges.”

Ranjith Nair, Logistics Manager, OSP Stock Feeds



OSP Stock Feeds selected Weightrax for a complete future-proof weighbridge solution that makes life easier for both operators and company managers. Managers get accurate data in real time from weighbridges around the country, enabling tighter business management and control. Operators simply click on a release number to ensure the correct order is loaded for every customer, every time. Customers can see their own transaction data and generate their own reports via a simple online portal. Rapid support means change requests or issues get resolved very quickly. Less down time, less room for error, more control.

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Business benefits

  • Real-time weighbridge data from any device
  • End customers have their own information portals
  • Easy & foolproof for weighbridge operators
  • Future proof
  • Fast service & support

Key outcomes

  • Better management & control of highly distributed business
  • Less room for error
  • Less down time

OSP Stock Feeds supplies animal feed supplements through storage facilities nationwide. Some of its bulk store warehouses are company-owned. Other warehouses are owned and managed by third parties. Some third-party warehouses were running Weightrax weighbridge software, and OSP Stock Feeds noticed that these warehouses were able to supply fast, accurate data as the transactions occurred.

“This real-time data tells us exactly how the business is performing across different locations,” says Ranjith Nair, Logistics Manager, OSP Stock Feeds.

“That visibility across our sites enables tighter business control and management.”

When OSP Stock Feeds custom built its own bulk storage warehouse facilities in Waharoa and New Plymouth, it chose Weightrax to supply complete weighbridge solutions. This included top quality hot dipped galvanised weighbridges, weighbridge software and peripherals such as stop/go lights, scale indicators and large figure display screens. Weightrax installed and integrated the solution and now delivers ongoing support.

“I recommend Weightrax. It’s more than the software being the best. If there is a problem, they are there to solve it,” Ranjith Nair says.

The company uses Weightrax to weigh all bulk materials coming into and leaving its sites. All trucks are weighed empty on arrival to establish tare weight. Loaded trucks are weighed as they exit the site.

“We use Weightrax to know what comes in, what goes out, to who and when,” Ranjith Nair says. “The system gives us what we want. Where we are using Weightrax at third-party sites the software is configured to give us access only to our own customer data, so that’s all we see. It makes life simple.”

Data for incoming shipments reports the whole shipment weight. Data for outgoing shipments can be more complex, reporting the weight of each component if it is a mixed product.  Weightrax customised the software so that it reports on the quantity and mix of product, plus the type of truck used to carry it (to-order or bulk transport).  It’s easy for OSP Stock Feeds to keep track of how much of each product it holds at each site.

“I recommend Weightrax. It’s more than the software being the best. If there is a problem, they are there to solve it.”

Ranjith Nair, Logistics Manager, OSP Stock Feeds

OSP Stock Feeds sells a wide variety of product mixes and custom-blended orders for individual customers. The Weightrax system is pre-loaded with a unique release number for each order. When a truck arrives to collect a customer order, the driver gives that one-off release number, ensuring correct loading. This allows the company to offer a ‘click and collect’ service to its customers, delivering fast service and the correct order every time.

Weighbridge operators and business managers both have an easier life with Weightrax, Ranjith Nair says. “Since we pre-load the order from Auckland, all the weighbridge operator has to do is click on a number. This greatly reduces errors. Managers can see at a glance what’s being loaded across the different weighbridge operations, so it makes our life easier as well.”

Weightrax records customer details, vehicle information, materials, products, release numbers, weigh in and out information, and transaction time. All information is available for instant reporting and can be filtered by any variable – for example, by customer, by product or by blend.

Weightrax offers easy reporting for OSP Stock Feeds’ larger customers. A user name and password allows a customer to log into the Weightrax web portal from any device to view and report on their own transaction data in real time. This data includes weights, products, transport costs and more.

“Weightrax understands our business at an operational level. They know how to make life simple for the operator and what data we need from our weighbridges. Everything is easy.  Weightrax also recently helped us with compliance for an ISO audit – we are successfully ISO certified now,” says Ranjith Nair.

Weightrax integrates easily with accounting, ERP and other systems such as inventory control. This automates the delivery of accurate data and invoices in real time.

“We know the software can handle anything we want to do in the future,” Ranjith Nair says.

About OSP Stock Feeds

OSP Stock Feeds is a subsidiary company of Oilseed Products NZ Ltd, which has been trading stock feed and vegetable oils within New Zealand and internationally for nearly forty years. OSP Stock Feeds supplies an extensive range of quality animal feed supplements through strategically located storage facilities nationwide.

With Weightrax nothing is left to chance