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Software Overview

Easy Touch Screen

Figure 1 Shot of the interface.

Weightrax is operated via simple, uncluttered touch screen layouts which couldn’t be any easier to use. Designed with the operator in mind, bold graphics and logical design makes the entire process totally intuitive. That’s why operators can be up and running after only a few hours familiarisation training.

Weightrax accommodates basic and complex transactions with ease and captures every detail of each weighbridge transaction. Upon selection of the vehicle registration, the system automatically recalls the last transaction details to reduce the overall processing time.

The Weightrax application is installed on an industry standard Windows XP PC at the users site. And it’s designed to interface with all commonly available weight indicators, cash drawers, touch screens and printers.


Please feel free to download and read the following literature for a better understanding of what the Weightrax software can do for you and your company.

  • Brochure (PDF 2.3MB)

    Current brochure outlining the features and benefits of Weightrax software Download Brochure

  • Case Study (PPT 2.3MB)

    Case study taken from a council that has been using the Weightrax software. Download Case Study

  • Technical Information (DOC 2.3MB)

    For the Tech savy this document will outline all requirements, security and set-up of the software system. Download Technical Information

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