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From the moment you start using Weightrax you will appreciate the benefits that the internet has brought to the business world. Reduction in operating costs, data security, online storage of key company data and transactions, remote access and ease of use.

Approved users can remotely access data and reports as well as make any necessary changes without having to visit the site. And because it's easy to use on site, you'll find throughput increases. Greater productivity. Reduced queues. Less stress.


Weightrax weighbridge software is operated via simple, uncluttered touch screen layouts that just couldn't be any easier to use. Designed with the operator in mind, bold graphics and logical design makes the entire process totally intuitive. In fact, most operators can be up and running after only a few hours familiarisation training.

Weightrax is fully proven in the demanding fields of landfill, transfer stations and quarries. Its functionality is unparalleled. But most of all, it's easy. Just ask any operator.


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Weightrax has been built tough from the ground up to meet the precise needs of demanding industries. And recognising that security is a major issue, Weightrax has built in 'bullet proof' security systems.

Naturally there's login passwords and prohibited fields. But in addition transactional and operational data is securely held on the backed-up web server and on the application PC at the weighbridge. The weighbridge PC data is also locked down to prevent unauthorised access. And as each site has its own data stored on the hard drive, transactions can still be carried out irrespective of the integrity of the internet link.

Weightrax software is fully supported by Atrax, an organisation with over 30 years experience in the industry and one which exports weighing technology to 85 countries around the world.


Please feel free to download and read the following literature for a better understanding of what the Weightrax software can do for you and your company.

  • Brochure (PDF 2.3MB)

    Current brochure outlining the features and benefits of Weightrax software Download Brochure

  • Case Study (PPT 2.3MB)

    Case study taken from a council that has been using the Weightrax software. Download Case Study

  • Technical Information (DOC 2.3MB)

    For the Tech savy this document will outline all requirements, security and set-up of the software system. Download Technical Information

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